Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's a Girl!

Yesterday I had a Congenital Anomaly Scanning and we are proud to say that we are going to have a baby girl! I honestly wished that it will be a boy for some personal reasons... We only have one name Raymund Irwin or RAIN if it is a boy. We have no name for a girl. Until last Sunday.

And CHIARA will be her name...

We went to the Santa Clara de Montefalco Church in Caniogan, Pasig and Irwin saw this leaflet on the life story of St. Claire. Chiara is her Italian name which means, light, pure and clear. It was a beautiful name. In case our baby will be a girl that will be her name. I am already 6 months pregnant and we do not know the gender yet. The last ultrasound was not very clear but we had a hunch it was a girl, by five months if it is a boy, it should already be visible but it was not. After the ultrasound, I went to my parent's house and guess what I saw? The same leaflet of St. Claire lying on the table. I told my mother that we are going to have a girl and showed her the leaflet, I told her this will be the name, Chiara, and I encircled the name.

What a coincidence.

All along, signs have been telling me that I will have a girl. One co-worker even asked me spontaneously what is my favorite color and I said pink! And pink was not my favorite color, why all of a sudden I mentioned pink. That was my unconscious talking.

So yesterday, I had the scanning and yes it is a girl. I am a little disappointed
(I am being truthful) but today after seeing this video of a little girl named Connie. I can't help but cry and realized my mistake over my disappointment. I saw this video of a little girl with long golden hair from Chelle and saw in her my would be little girl. I will definitely teach her how to sing. Give her everything and anything, make her happy. Whew, it is so hard to be a parent. Guess, I am having an early new parent blues.


Harshit Gupta said...

Wish u all the best... I hope u'll be a really good parent... After reading this, I really do...

Unknown said...

Congratulations sweetie.I am very happy for you.Why you feel disappointed?You mean you prefer boy than girl.I know you can become a good mom to your lovely girl(if it's comfirm a girl)I guess you are right.New parent blues too early.:)

Kaye said...

Hi sis. Congrats ha. Nainggit ako.. hehe