Monday, April 14, 2008

How do Kids Learn That?

This is my nephew Ralf Benedick, the first son of my eldest brother. He is already 15 months old. He is 11 months old in this picture when we went to Palawan.
Now my brother was telling me that RB is very naughty.


He would imitate his uncle, Ate Luz's brother, snore loudly.
Then he would laugh.

Then he would do it again.
And laugh..

I haven't seen him do it but it would have been hilarious.
Now I wonder, where did he learn that?

I know mommies out there has a lot to tell about their kids
that surprises them.

I can't wait for my own story.


Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hi agnes =)yeah kids are like sponges they absorb and copy everything they see. I can't wait for my own stories too! my niece iris she's 1 yr and 3 months loves to eat! when we feed her something she's never tasted, she smiles and wiggles her body while chewing! *cute*

Anonymous said...

That's just the start of what they can do :) Ang cute nya :)