Saturday, April 17, 2010

Claudine Baretto, Kris Aquino and Liposuction

Photo from Photo by Beauty Bento Box Photo Courtesy of GMA Did you watch Claudine's soap on TV last Saturday? After giving birth, there was a humor that she had a liposuction performed on her arms. And she really has slim arms but I think she forgot asking the doctor for liposuction to the rest of her body. Whenever I see her commercials, I observed that she was displayed from the face down to her chest, because the rest of her body especially the hips seemed very wide and the clothes that she wears always gets attention to the upper pert of her body because she now has a bigger lower body. You can notice this especially at the side view. Women who gave birth like Kris Aquino who was very vocal and is an advocate of plastic surgery admitted having liposuction, tummy tuck and even breast augmentation, how about her nose, her nose seemed fake too? What seems to be common to these artists? Of course, not all artists started out as very famous, some of them like Kris even starred in B movies. Movies that are low on budget, or they may start out as extras in film, or a side kick, I remember Kris Aquino and Rene Requistas in a movie. She was ugly back then, right? Hahaha! She might read this and get mad, so that is my opinion, meaning, she was not a star material, not very popular back then, well, popular because she was the President's daughter, but look at her now. She is aspiring to be the next Oprah. And with the money that she earns, she can change the way she looks anytime she wants.


mintradz said...

There is nothing wrong with a person treating their body anyway they like. Have a paint tattoos, place breast implants, whatever you want. As for me, nothing external is entering my body unless a doctors informs me it is a 'do or die' situation. Besides, Liposuction Phoenix said that, liposuction is safe as long as you are in good hands with these board certified surgeons. No big deal about this, i think.

SmithGreham said...

She had a liposuction surgery is too COS she found in her last interview, some people used to call her PanGo's. What is a local celebrity cosmetic problems are acknowledged ..


Anonymous said...

Liposuction is not safe, and board certified surgeons in many countries are trying to cover up the harm they're doing.

The truth is that, regardless of diet and exercise, fat will eventually grow bigger in other untreated cells in the body leaving a person possibly disfigured. These cellular changes are not good for one's health.

There are many structural risks and other damages of liposuction.

Why pay a doctor to make one's long-term health worse?

historypak said...

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