Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Shih Tzu Cassie Gave Birth to Four Puppies

Can't update my blog, have to be a midwife for a while assisting my pet giving birth to her new puppies yesterday at 5:30 am. We had her x-rayed at Animal Care Specialist to count the number of puppies that she has. From the x-ray it showed that she will have 5 puppies but the x-ray beam was not very clear because she was pregnant and they adjusted the rays. That was aroung 8:30 pm of December 30. The vet told us that she is ready to give birth anytime because one puppy was already in position in her cervix. We saw the xray. We went to our parents house to get a supply of newspaper and cardboard boxes. Irwin prepared the boxes for Cassie that night and Cassie was alredy looking for a place to give birth. She is almost ready, we hoped that she will not give birth that night, fortunately, she give birth the next morning. Irwin saw her edging herself at a corner already panting and having contractions.
WE placed her in the box and after a few minute with lights still out, she give birth to her first born. It was a female and it was very big and strong. I was excited seeing the new puppy, Irwin tied the umbilical cord with dental floss and tried to stimulate the puppy by rubbing it or letting Cassie wipe out the placenta and other stuff. The next baby came out after 7 minutes and the next two at an interval of 30 minutes. It was finished after an hour. we were very happy and tired and proud for our newest member of family. Thank God Cassie survived her first birthing, we really pray that Cassie will have enough milk to feed her babies.


Jeanne said...

That's great that you've done. Hope that everything is fine with the puppies... care to link me up ?

Beibi said...

hello jeanne, thanks for visiting my blog! The puppies are great. I've linked you up already.

Jane said...

awwww. the puppies are so cute! i am no dog lover but i just cant resist to say how cute they are :)

happy new year btw :)

Anonymous said...

hi! are u going to sell some of your puppies? i'm willing to buy for 6K :) please contact me at deanpalilio@yahoo.com thanks!