Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother- Gabby dela Merced

Ok, I chanced to watch it again last night and it pissed me off again. They do not want to vote one of them out. Plastic, Show me someone who doesn't want to win 2 million pesos. Maybe by voting someone out they will get less vote, I doubt that Ruben will be the winner, was he ever nominated by the housemate? We never know how many will vote for him, as for John and Will, when they were nominated with Don Geisler, they have more votes, so we will never know the popularity of Ruben. If he has a lot of supporters. And why would the housemates choose among themselves who will be the winner, are they going to spend money voting for each other? As for me, I go for Gabby dela Merced.


alpha said...

hi agnes! just wishing you a happy 2008!

Jeanne said...

hi...just dropping by. happy new year

Beibi said...

Happy new year alpha and Jeanne!