Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm Happy and No One Knows It

I just had my ultrasound tonight and seeing my baby again takes all the tiredness and anxiety that has gripped me all week before the ultrasound. I'm in my 8th weeks and 5 days and my baby's heart is beating 177 beats per minute, growing strong and still hanging on. NO subchrionic bleeding either. I am so glad I cried on the way home, I look like a fool walking and crying so I just bought myself a cup of mocha ice cream and brought one for Cassie too. Irwin is having his Christmas party so he cannot go with me. I cannot explain my tear-stained face when I got home so I feigned a happy and talkative persona.

Now,I am blogging about it and sharing my happiness with anyone who care to read.

Maybe I am having those pregnancy partum but I am not depressed. I told myself to never read magazines on pregnancy again now it affected me again. So I will just rely on God and good reason for my condition and not based it on anything else.

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Con & Nel said...

hi aggie!
Im soo happy for your pregnancy. You and your baby will always be in my prayers. Think of Happy Thoughts ALWAYS ha :) wag ma-tense, mainis, at magalit :)
palagi ako sa Hypermart -- hindi kaya nagkakasalubong na tayo?