Monday, December 24, 2007

Play Doh Activity Mat

We bought this Play-Doh Activity Mat at 77th street at Market Market yesterday, we bought it for Php 400.00, it was on sale at an original price of 599.00 kala ko naka-discount na kami yun pala $7.99 lang pala sya sa States. Gift namin for our inaanak, we also bought a play-doh clean up pal pig to clean the mess.

This one is cute, after you are done playing with the clay, the clay will cling to the pig's snout. Cute! parang ayaw kong ibigya, ako na lang ang gagamit. This one naman cost Php 259.00.

A sponge bob play-doh is also available, mas mahal nga lang siya, nasa 450.00 eh same lang ang price niya sa activity mat.


Jane said...

merry christmas to you too agnes!

love play-doh! got sophia too. she'll open the gifts later :)

alpha said...

have a blessed and happy christmas!