Friday, December 21, 2007

Award from Vina

True Blue Award

I will always stand by you.

Saving nickles saving dimes
Working til the sun don't shine
Looking forward to happier times
On Blue Bayou...

Reminds me of the Blue Bayou song, a favorite of my eldest sister,
a sister who stands by me, well, sisters nga kami eh, ;) and there are still
some sisters in the web that you can find like the one who passes this award,

There is a community on the web who is ready to support you and they really stand by you, I can read their stories, their blog is the medium for reaching out to others, sana it would extend to helping find partners for friends, hehehe.

I read their blog because I learn from them, from being mommies and I can feel, truly feel that they are proud, proud loving mommies and I want to be like them.


Vina P said...

hi! merry christmas agnes! i read your post about friends and i was a bit teary-eyed coz many of the experiences you've had, i can relate to. i used to have a lot of friends because of school or office pero only a few remain to be good friends. but even though this is the case, i'm glad that my husband is my best friend. plus i've gained new friends because of blogging. in the end, it's all good. :-)

Beibi said...

hi vina, looks like we have a lot in common nga, I have mga one or two friends na close talaga and best friend ko rin si hubby, pareho kami, konti lang ang mga friends, we just do not like a lot of people siguro. Anyways...Happy New Year to you!