Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Boyfriend for New Year

I have a lot of single friends and the coming new years marks another year for them without a partner. I just wrote a very long letter to a friend, coaxing her to find one. I told another friend to start loosing weight and another to start wearing make-up. These friends are in their 30's already. The more they are getting worried.

I have a very pretty picture in my friendster account, and that is not my picture. There are a lot of men adding me as friends because they thought that I was the one in the picture. I forwarded these profile to my friend and she don't like them because they only added me as a friend because they thought I was pretty.

I was telling Irwin that men naturally want a pretty girl, INITIALLY. Because they are really attracted to the face, the body, all physical. Science has proven this in several studies and this was even theorized by Charles Darwin. So you cannot tamper with nature. This is the nature of man.

I know and I believe that I was attractive when I was YOUNGER, when my waistline is still 24 inches and I can wear pretty clothes and I know I attracted some guys not just Irwin. Plus my added self-confidence. hehe.

Women in contrast are attracted to power and the ability to provide for the offspring, this too is according to Darwin's theory. So there are pretty girls with not-so-pretty boys but rich pockets. And this could be one of the reason why there are less women marrying. They cannot find a man who can provide for them, because some of these women are already successful and you still have to surpass their accomplishment for you to be attracted to them, but if you are already OLD, you cannot be choosy!

I told my friend to get pregnant with a man but she doesn't like a baby she wants a man!

So for singles men out there if you can read this blog, I am looking for a lot of boyfriends for a lot of girl friends. This is a wanted ad for a boyfriend. period.

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