Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother Again

Mariel did it again, she was obvious that she doesn't want Gladys inside the house and I think Glady's also wants out because Mariel is the Big Sister. From the start, they have this silent competition, parang maganda galit sa kapwa maganda, pero I do not know what they are worried about. Maybe Mariel thinks that she will have competition with the attention from the housemates and maybe Gladys was right when she thinks that Mariel likes Ethel more. Anyways, ayaw ko na syang panoorin, parang bata si Gladys kung umiyak, may tantrum and Mariel is still irritating me.


Jane said...

hi agnes! i rarely watch pbb but was able to catch an episode where gladys was crying. naku ang OA!!!!

lalo akong nawalan ng motivation to watch.

Beibi said...

ako rin when I watched that, irritating, pero sometimes I watch it pa rin, kasi dinner time na namin, wala nang ibang mapanood.