Sunday, December 09, 2007

December Sale Season and Impulsive Buying

Yesterday, we passed through Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong and we saw a One-day Coleman Sale and it was jampacked with people. Since it is a one-day sale, everyone wants to get a hand on everything, you can see people carrying big square-bucket Colemans, we saw cars piling up their compartment with 4 pcs of big Coleman containers. I wonder what will they do with that. I think it is a great gift option but it lacks personalization. Hahahaha!

We wanted to buy a pet bed for Cassie but we already bought one at Cartimar, the one at Cartimar costs 500 and it is just her size, the Coleman pet bed costs 1,200, 710 and 800, we should have waited for the sale since Coleman is washable and just like what I said durable.

Discount is around 300-500 pesos, not bad but I see people panic buying and showing collective behavior because I think they are getting or buying things that they will regret after, just like in any warehouse sale, you tend to get things that you do not need and then plan to give it to whoever the shoe or shirt fits. Just like yesterday, a saw a Dad bought a Tempur pillow costing 3,310 with a discount of 300, maybe he really needs it or maybe he saw someone get it and he gets one too, but if you are in the department store and see the display, you will rarely buy it, and if you really need it, you will buy two, one for you and for your partner. Maybe he will give it to someone, very expensive gift.
I see people buying because they are looking at what other people has taken or bought. What do you call this behavior? Eto na naman ako, trying to figure out behaviors and attitudes. Is this what you call keeping up with the Joneses? Just because your neighbor has a new car, you wanted one too? Eh what will you do with a very big Coleman container, stack it is your basement and use it only once a month during special occasions, well, considering the price, maybe it is a steal after all.

What about impulsive buying? I am always a victim of this impulsive buying, my wardrobe is a good evidence for that, buying clothes and things that I do not need and buy it for the sake of what? At-The-Moment spurt of adrenalin that temporarily gives you a high feeling for buying beautiful things? Then after wearing it once or twice it will be placed in the farthest part of the cabinet and let it rot, but because it may be expensive you do not want to get rid of it.

Haay, I should listen to my mother's advice in choosing clothes, choose clothes or things that has a classic design that never goes out of style. I have a boxful of clothes stacked and not using anything if I have to take it out it will fill my cabinet again. So maybe I should just sell it? Garage Sale??

Speaking of Sale I saw this Sale ads in Pioneer, National Bookstore Warehouse Sale 7-8 and 14-15 only. We might go there next week after my masteral class at Boni.

Another Sale Alert is at Microwarehouse in Silver City at Ugong, Pasig on December 15. This is a one-day sale only. Microwarehouse sells ipods, mac product and other tech gadgets at a very low price. We also plan to go there next week to buy bag for our Macbook or a PSP for Irwin, I want a Mac Mini too!


Vina P said...

hi mare! why do i have the feeling na matagal na tayo magkakilala? :-)kasi siguro mukhang nagkakasundo tayo sa mga sale! hehe. tnx for the info on the national warehouse sale. :-)

Beibi said...

no problem will post other sale alert here.

valmg said...

Wow, Microwarehouse! A blast from my past! I worked for microwarehouse here in the us for more than 10 years untik they went bankrupt.

Beibi said...

hope thmicrowarehouse will not get bankrupt here, my husband works there too. ;)