Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wrong Medicine-Viagra

I remember a funny incident when I was buying an expectorant from a drug store, and cannot remember the name of the drug and I thought of "Sildenafil", they keep on telling me Sumaped, or Sumapen. They asked me to buy an antibiotic and a cough drop, so I thought the Sumaped is the cough drop and I will buy a generic antibiotic, it turned out that the right name is Sumapen and it is the antibiotic.
I did not buy any cough drop, I was tempted to buy "Sildenafil" and ask the pharmacist but didn't. When I got home, I told them that I did not buy any expectorant and that the right name was not Sumaped but Sildenafil, I was so proud about my knowledge on medicine that I searched on the internet for the Sildenafil. Hahaha!

Sildenafil turned out to be the generic name for Viagra. Woohoo! Buti na lang pala, hindi ko tinanong sa pharmacist, ang yabang ko pa kay Irwin, kala ko tama ako, nakakahiya naman for me to buy a Viagra. Hehehe.

Our ninong is a doctor from the States and he always has a Viagra and give it to his friends to sell, aba mahal din ata yun noh. Effective ba talaga yun??

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