Monday, December 03, 2007

On Aswang, Tiktik and Pregnancy

Do you believe in these creatures? Well I'd like to, because of what happened to me when I had a miscarriage. That was before when I learned the result of my APAS test. Weeks before I had my miscarriage, my husband told me that he heard loud wings flapping outside of our house and it was collaborated by my sis-in-law who was also pregnant at that time. Of course, I was scared, I couldn't sleep for a while, and I keep on watching the windows for some telltale sign of the "aswang".
My sis-in-law has a third eye and she could feel and see spirits. I believed her in some ways. So when I had the miscarriage and we couldn't explain it in any ways, we blamed the aswang. When I got home from the hospital, two days later, it was my sis-in-laws turn to bleed and was rushed to the hospital. Again, blame it on the aswang. So what did we do, we tried to contact spiritista and bought buntot page (stingray's tail) in Quiapo. I have two buntot page in my room located at the windows, my sis-in-law has a very large and long buntot page by her window. It is 5 feet long, and my father-in-law would swing it in the gates, windows and doors at 6pm everyday. That was when we were still blaming the aswang.
We have holy water and believe me, yes believe me, we have crushed garlic in our windows too! Until today because I am still in my two months period, supposedly I smell good to them.
Sometimes when I come home at night and I was the first to arrive in a dark house, I would hear the dogs doing their "ahooo" awoooo", and I will not get out of the house until someone arrives.
But now, when I know my APAS blood test result my miscarriage was caused by my blood clotting and cutting the air, nutrients and blood supply to my baby. If this continues, the baby will not survive three months that's why I have to take aspirin to help in some ways. Tomorrow, I am due for some more test and hopefully aspirin is all I need to keep my baby alive. Whew! so goodbye aswang, it never hurts to believe in you anyways.


alpha said...

would you believe ako din may nakasabit na bawang sa window ng kwarto namin when i was pregnant hehe.. i pray din syempre, pero wala naman sigurong masama kung maniwala dun..

Beibi said...

local folklore it doesn't hurt nga to believe, wala nga namang mawawala.

Anonymous said...

We are Filipinos students residing in Taiwan. As you read on this comment, please note that we (me and my wife) do not believe in creepy creatures like "aswangs" and other monsters during pregnancy.

However, last night's experience made me rethink things. As I was busy writing some homework which I started at around 11pm, my pregnant wife started feeling tired which she described as the "nangangalay" sensation by her hip area.

She then lied down and eventually fell asleep. Since it was not yet bedtime for us, and as we are both used to doing, we left the windows open with just the insect screens closed to let the fresh air in.

While she was sleeping and I was working not over 2 meters away from the bed. I heard dogs barking disturbedly...(not howlings but more like the sound of a pack of stray dogs getting into a brawl).

This sounded usual to me. We have lived at the 7th floor of an 8-storey townhouse located in a hill, for almost a year now, (where only dogs and scooters noise could penetrate the building wall every once in a while), nothing was new to me.

Shortly following the barkings, I thought I then heard a crackling sound, sort of like a playing castanets...? Who plays castanets in Taiwan? So I still didn't mind and was even making progress with my work. However, the sound started having an upbeat pattern and didn't sound mechanical after all, I checked the time and found out that it was almost 3 am.

I wondered what thing would create that kind of sound. Still nonchalant, I assumed it could incidentally be some overdue constructions happening overnight, or it could be some insomiac Taiwanese doing laundry at the top floor so that there's no competition with the dryers?...or could it be some random nocturnal creature?

Not until that moment when I was also getting tired and with the word "nocturnal" being processed in my head did I remember about the pregnancy folklore back home.

With my wife still sleeping, and which may be for me was, an instinctive multi-tasking check of her, I eventually got annoyed by the continuing sound. I guess I gave in to my my thoughts and prompted to it. I quickly closed and locked the windows deliberately slamming it, and pulled the curtains down.

This woke my wife up and I then shortly joined her to bed. The sound "crackling" sound stopped shortly but while we were of course talking about what just happened, we both heard the it again.

We held close and both could not believe we were experiencng this in Taiwan. I comforted her and told her that there is no greater Protector than the Good Lord above and our faith to Him. We prayed together and eventually both fell asleep.

We did not talk about it in the morning, but we both have not opened the windows. said...

My Top 5 Infectious Monsters...

5. Aswang
4. Zombie
3. Werewolf
2. Vampire
1. ?????

Stan said...

Holysh!t!!!! Baka nga aswang yung maingay last sat. Night at the back of our house! Meron kasing tinatayo na bagong house sa likod namin,sakto pa sa window ng room namin,mga 2am nagising ako kasi may narinig ako na tunog ng yero.. Tapos inantay ko na tumunog ulit,wala naman...then i tried to sleep again,di pako nakakatulog ayan na naman yung yero... So tinaas ko yung shade..sinilip ko,wala namang tao(2am na eh) may nakita ako dun sa ginagawang bahay na parang aso pero hindi siya mukang aso more of like baboy.. Na white na may black.. Nagulat ako! I move my head for a better view,wala naman... So akala ko reflection lang sa glass.. Bumalik ako sa dating position ko kung may reflection.. Wala naman..very clear yung floor na kinatatayuan nung creature! Kinabahan ako! Umikot ako sa kabilang side ng bed para itaas din yung shade sa headboard window.. Wala naman.. Inaabangan ko kung magiingay paba yung yero.. Thank God hindi na.. Ayun naka tulog nako ulit...

My mom said na totoo nga daw yun.. Maglagay nalang daw ng bunch of garlic sa may window.. And thank you guys,magpapabili ako ng buntot ng page(stingray's tail) sa quiapo.. Wala naman mawawala kung maniniwala.. 4mos. Pregnant na wife ko and i don't want to happen anything bad to her and to our 1st baby...