Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To Tell or Not To Tell a Cheating Boyfriend

That is the question. Whether I should tell my friend I caught his boyfriend cheating on her or not to tell. My friend is suppose to marry the bf next year, and one day, I saw the man with another girl who looks like my friend but on the smaller side, medyo chubby kasi ang friend ko eh, pero this girl is kamukha talaga, payat pa. Parang smaller version, kamuntik ko na silang lapitan kasi akala ko nga siya yung friend ko.
I am with my husband, he recognize the bf too, pero siempre siguro gusto pa niyang ipagtanggol, baka naman hindi raw siya. Nyee. So we decided not to tell, baka naman hindi nga siya, is there harm in not telling? Sabi nga nila, what you do not know won't hurt you. Haay, sana lang it won't happen to me, I do not want to know.


alpha said...

di ko alam ang sagot. baka naman di sya yung bf ng kaibigan mo.. hehe pero if i am super close dun sa friend, i might tell or medyo magtanung-tanong muna sa kanya, like kung magkasama ba sila nung day na makita mo si bf etc..

anyway, thank sa visit ha..

Vina P said...

hi agnes! this kinda thing unfortunately happened to me years back when i was single with a bf. my friend told it to me outright. i am forever grateful to her for having the courage to "wake me up". by her telling me, i realized that i had been too assuming, thinking that my bf is perfect (he's not!). it was so painful that i broke up with my him after he admitted (yes, admitted!) having a liking for some other girl. he tried to woo me back after that-- and succeeded. i'm happily married to the same guy (but now with my eyes wide open) and at the same time remained good friends with my concerned friend who told me the (awful) truth.
hope you do the right thing and hope it turns out for the best.

jamie said...

baka naman yung girl with your friend's bf is only a friend or your friend know about it. maybe you should be sure about everything first before spilling it to your friend :) But if he's really cheating, I think your friend deserves to know about it.

Merry Christmas! Hope you'll have a wonderful 2008 :)

Beibi said...

I told another friend (B) about it, she is hesitant and wouldn't believe me, kasi close din siya sa bf ng friend ko, so I guess not to tell na lang.
We do not see each other that much so parang out of nowhere sasabihin ko na nakita ko na may kaakbay ang bf niya na hindi siya.

Magresearch na lang muna ko, hanapin ko sa friendster ang girl. hehe.

Vina P said...

share ko rin pala another experience ng friend ko. ganun din. nahuli namin yung bf nya with another girl (at sa cinema pa ha!). we told her and awa ng Dyos, break na sila. they broke up even if engaged na sila at that time with church and reception venues na ha. gosh ang dami talagang guys na two-timers ngayon. :-)

anyway, i have something 4 u here: http://vinapineda.blogspot.com/2007/12/award-from-nice.html

Beibi said...

hello vina!

naku it, parang dapat ko atang sabihin sa friend ko, and take the risk, bahala na how she will take it, kung talagang sila, sila talaga. Tsk, tsk, tsk, pasko pa naman.

Thanks for the award ha!