Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What I Love Being Pregnant

Let me count the ways; I've seen this article in American Baby magazine and thought of having my own list

1. Yesterday, I got to ride the turn back MRT ride at North Edsa station, because of my condition, it was my first time to ride from North Edsa and got the wrong level of station, I still have to go down to the second level because I was on the third, but the kind ticket man, permitted me to enter and I was the first one to have a seat.

2. Some tricycle drivers are extra careful when they are driving especially sa mga lubak.

3. I get to eat what I want

4. People would offer to carry my things

5. People keep on feeding me food that they only share sa "buntis"

6. My brother always drive me around no questions asked.

7. Free from household chores

8. I can request special food from my mother especially my favorite hamonado

9. I do not care about how I look, if I look fat or ugly or plain

10. I get to sleep a lot

hmm, dadagdagan ko na lang sa susunod.

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