Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Low Bat Day

What a tiring day, after my checkup at Asian Hospital for my Immunologist I have to rush to my OB's checkup so I could show her the result of my blood tests and some instructions from my Immunologist. Haay! Pero I was able to hear for the first time, my baby's heart beat! But I was so tired, I have little reaction, all I know is that I can hear the little someone and the beating heart.
I really know that this baby is a fighter, hehehe, the baby is already showing strength through the heartbeat.

I have to take duphaston again until week 16, I will take a steroid for my immune system, and the aspilet for my blood clotting. Haay! Baby ko talaga, special na agad.
So sabi ng Ob be ready for more expenses, no worry my baby, Daddy will worry about that. hehehe. Just keep intact in my womb.

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